Our Mission is simple...

Improve the local job market for recent college graduates in Texas by focusing on where most local jobs exist: medium sized employers. We teach grads about these employers, and we partner with these employers to increase the number of jobs made available to grads.

GradReach Core Values

Courtesy - genuine and sincere

We are inspired by great organizations famous for how they treat their customers... like Southwest Airlines.


We regard dishonesty as "the dark side of the force" - powerful, but wrong.


We are committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity.


We work for a win/win: with our coworkers, employers, students, grads, and career services professionals.


Feedback is welcome. We can always learn, and always improve.

Simplicity & Efficiency

The best organizations are almost always ones that make existing processes more simple and efficient.


GradReach is 100% free for students and recent graduates.


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