Updated 11/03/2016

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    Legal Access Companies is a diversified employee benefits company engaged in administration, network development, technology management and insurance, based in Houston, Texas. Since 1971, the company has grown from a group of five attorneys providing services to a modest amount of companies in a metropolitan area to a network of over 18,000 providers assisting more than 12.8 million employees across several market segments and multiple products. Legal Access and LegalEASE have broad experience with small, medium and large clients in the public and private sectors, local, state and federal government offices, unions, employee assistance plans, worklife companies, and organizations. Legal Access and LegalEASE provide assistance to members over half of a million times each year throughout the United States and the world. Legal Access Companies consits of several companies and brands to best meet customer needs, including but not limited to: Legal Access Plans, LegalEASE, and LAMG. Legal Access Plans has a wide array of products across several market segements, including worksite, employee assistance and worklife. LegalEASE is the group's primary insurance brand and focuses primarily in the worksite market. LegalEASE products are underwritten and presented by Virginia Surety Company, part of the Warranty Group, and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. LAMG or Legal Access Management Group, manages the group's technology and network functions.
    Year Established1971
    Number of Employees This is a rough number of workers in Greater Houston. Company may have more employees in other locations.    60-100 in Greater Houston
    Largest Houston Location       General neighborhood where most employees work. Galleria
    Dress Code Can be Casual (jeans, etc.), Business Casual (slacks, collared shirt), or Professional (shirt, tie, equivalent). Casual
    Work Schedule Culturally, most employees work 40 hours per week, sometimes slightly more, a lot more, or less. Always varies by position. 40-45 hours per week
    Free ParkingYes
    Rapidly growing company! Casual work environment.
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    • Hired in the past year 10-20
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        • Client Service
        • Administrative