PM Realty Group (PMRG)
  • 1000 Main St Suite 2400
  • Houston, TX 77002
  • Tel 713-209-5800
PM Realty Group (PMRG), a privately held commercial real estate firm, focuses on creating value by offering a full spectrum of real estate services, including property and facility management, leasing, marketing, development, investment sales, construction management and engineering. By capitalizing on our team's expertise, exceptional properties, tenants, clients and robust operating infrastructure, PMRG seeks, and ultimately creates, opportunities that generate exceptional returns. Through dynamic teamwork, we strive to provide superior real estate services by anticipating the evolving needs of owners of real estate.
IndustryReal Estate
Year Established1954
Number of Employees This is a rough number of workers in Greater Houston. Company may have more employees in other locations.    500+ in Greater Houston
Largest Houston Location       General neighborhood where most employees work. Inner Loop
Other LocationsOffice locations throughout Greater Houston at managed buildings.
Dress Code Can be Casual (jeans, etc.), Business Casual (slacks, collared shirt), or Professional (shirt, tie, equivalent). Business Casual
Work Schedule Culturally, most employees work 40 hours per week, sometimes slightly more, a lot more, or less. Always varies by position. 40-45 hours per week
Free ParkingYes
We are a mid-sized company that feels like a family where we all know each other, yet we have the resources and bench of a larger firm.
At PMRG there is a sense of ownership in what we all do. We also have the autonomy, and support, to get our jobs done while having fun as well!
We are a national company that participates in local events, including the Ronald McDonald House and Komen Race for the Cure.
  • Entry-Mid Level Positions
  • Hired in the past year 10-20
  • Titles of positions:
      • Administrative
      • Accounting
      • Analyst
      • IT
  • Paid Internships
  • Paid Internships this past year 1-4
  • Titles of positions:
      • Leasing
      • Marketing
      • IT
      • Human Resources
      • Accounting
  • Typical First Year Time Off
  • Vacation Amount of paid vacation time accrued in first year.      10 days
  • Sick Leave 5 days
  • Holidays Most employers offer paid days off for holidays.      10 days
  • A variety of paid time off programs including vacation, personal time, wellness time and community involvement time off. Paid jury duty, voting leave, and bereavement are also available.
  • Medical Benefits Fully paid means options exist that require no contribution from your paycheck.      
  • Health First Year Yes - Partially Paid
  • Health Coverage for Dependents Coverage available for dependents, such as children or spouse. Not paid means full cost is deducted from paycheck.      Yes - Partially Paid
  • Benefits Waiting Period 0-31 Days
  • Begins 1 month after hire date.
  • Financial
  • 401(k) A type of optional savings account primarily meant for retirement. Money is deducted from paycheck. Matching means that employer matches contributions you make yourself. This is free money!      Yes with matching
  • Profit sharing/bonus program Yes