Updated 09/26/2017

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    Revenew Cost Recovery and Cost Containment services deliver monetary recoveries and cost reduction benefits. Our programs help to ensure compliance with commercial terms, recover lost monies and provide best practice recommendations for contractual and operational improvements.

    Minimal Time and Resources Required: Our programs are conducted with minimal impact on, or involvement of, an organization's valuable resources. Whether on-site with suppliers for Contract Compliance Reviews or off-site for Supplier Payment Reviews, our technology and streamlined processes maximize efficiency and minimize the use of our clients' time. With oversight from our clients, Revenew's team of experienced professionals performs all tasks related to our services. Revenew provides a secure client portal, which allows our clients to safely access real-time information on their current project status, whenever they choose.

    Improved Supplier Relationships: We respect and value our clients' supplier relationships. Our goal is to improve those relationships, to the benefit of all parties. The key is transparency, which opens the door to more clearly-defined deliverables and well-aligned expectations for both our clients and their vendors.

    Low-Risk and Self-Funded: Because recoveries always offset our fees, Revenew's Contract Compliance and Supplier Payment (Accounts Payable) Reviews deliver fast, tangible results with no budgeting requirements. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our results that we place a portion of our fees on the line as assurance. We know that our performance will meet and exceed your expectations.

    Blue Chip Clients: We are the best at what we do and our blue chip client base reflects the integrity and quality inherent in every aspect of Revenew's process. We are very proud of the longevity of these relationships as well. Year after year, many of the Fortune 100 companies entrust us with their cost recovery and containment challenges.

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    IndustryBusiness Services
    Year Established1999
    Number of Employees This is a rough number of workers in Greater Houston. Company may have more employees in other locations.    60-100 in Greater Houston
    Largest Houston Location       General neighborhood where most employees work. Greenway Plaza
    Dress Code Can be Casual (jeans, etc.), Business Casual (slacks, collared shirt), or Professional (shirt, tie, equivalent). Business Casual
    Work Schedule Culturally, most employees work 40 hours per week, sometimes slightly more, a lot more, or less. Always varies by position. 40-45 hours per week
    Revenew International has a great company culture built on passion and dedication to making a difference. Awards such as University of Houston Cougar 100 for being one of the 100 fastest growing companies led by a UH Alumni, and HC Media Group Top Work Places of 2014 for being one of the top "small company" workplaces in Houston!
    At Revenew International, our success centers on the unique capabilities of our employees, our greatest asset. We actively seek diverse professionals to deliver industry leading solutions and service to our clients. Positions may range from project analysts to engagement managers to experienced sales professionals who all play an important role in helping to build our business.

    Our business culture is very personal and transparent. Employees encounter none of the organizational red tape and hierarchy that can dilute an individual's productivity and enthusiasm.
    • Entry-Mid Level Positions
    • Hired in the past year 1-4
    • Medical Benefits Fully paid means options exist that require no contribution from your paycheck.      
    • Health First Year Yes - Partially Paid
    • Health Coverage for Dependents Coverage available for dependents, such as children or spouse. Not paid means full cost is deducted from paycheck.      Yes - Partially Paid
    • Benefits Waiting Period 0-31 Days
    • Financial
    • 401(k) A type of optional savings account primarily meant for retirement. Money is deducted from paycheck. Matching means that employer matches contributions you make yourself. This is free money!      Yes