GradReach Temp
Tired of typical temps? Give grads a try for temporary projects, and save!
  • We seek grads (up to five years out of school) with skills, work ethic, and relevant work experience - from every college in Texas!
  • We look for "diamonds" and "diamonds-in-the-rough" that bring unique value and will lower your cost structure - truly high quality/low cost talent. What CEO or business owner does NOT want high quality/low cost workers?
  • Recent graduates are not recruited by typical temporary agencies, yet can make terrific temporary staff! They benefit by gaining connections and experience, you benefit from their skills, work ethic, and lower cost!
  • Substantially lower bill rates and free conversions!
  • Most business-related positions, including: administrative, reception, marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, human resources, and more.
  • Some IT-related positions, including: web design, technical support, database development, networking, and more.
  • No up-front fees, costs, obligations, or contracts.