GradReach Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service (hereafter TOS) represent an Agreement between yourself (hereafter, you) and GradReach.

Terms of Service

If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, then you should not:

a) Register with GradReach
b) Utilize GradReach
c) If you are using GradReach you should terminate your account by visiting your Account Preferences.

You agree:

  • You are an actively enrolled college student at an accredited college or university OR you are a recent college graduate of an accredited college or university, having graduated within the past five years.
  • You are seeking access to GradReach programs in order to advance your own personal job search, and for no other purpose.
  • You have not been suspended from GradReach for any reason.

Use of GradReach, you agree:

  • To provide truthful information at all times.
  • To apply only for GradReach-listed positions you have a legitimate interest in accepting, if offered.
  • To apply for positions you learned about because of GradReach (including via email sent to you by GradReach) ONLY through GradReach. To NOT seek to "go around" or otherwise circumvent the application process provided to you by GradReach.
  • To NOT utilize or share information about GradReach (including GradReach employer client names, positions listed, etc.) for any purpose other than the legitimate pursuit of individual employment.
  • To accept the GradReach Privacy Policy.

You understand that failure to comply with this TOS may result in your immediate and permanent suspension from GradReach, and other legal consequences, if it is determined that your willful actions are damaging to GradReach. GradReach reserves all rights.

If you have questions about our TOS, feel free to contact us.

GradReach Privacy Policy

The following policy explains how GradReach captures and uses your information.

Privacy Policy

GradReach is concerned about your privacy and takes proactive steps to protect the privacy of all users (hereafter, you) of our service.

You understand:

  • GradReach actively gathers information about users of our website. This includes IP addresses, pages viewed, actions taken on our website, etc. This information can be traced to individuals, but this is not done unless we feel a specific security-related need requires that we do so, or we are compelled to do so by law. Most information we gather is used only in the aggregate to determine the best use of our system(s), discover flaws, improve the user experience, and assure the security of our systems.
  • We do not share identifying information (your full name, address, phone number, or email address) about you with third parties unless given permission by you to do so, or unless we are compelled by law to do so. We assume that when you apply for any GradReach position, you give us permission to share your identifying information with the employer associated with that position.
  • We do not sell any specific or individual data about you to third parties, and do not sell general access to our databases.
  • Please note that while our goal is to work only with responsible and ethical employers, once you have applied for a position and we have sent your application to that employer, we have no control over it from that point forward, and cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by that employer, which we do not control.
  • While we do not share identifying information about you to third parties without your permission, we may, from time to time, share non-identifying information contained in your application, as a sample, to employers considering future use of our service offerings, and wishing to better understand the qualifications of candidates they can access through our programs.

You understand that by using GradReach, you agree to the GradReach Privacy Policy. GradReach reserves all rights.

Absolutely no information is shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All other categories excluding text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information is not shared with any third parties.
If you have questions about privacy, feel free to contact us.





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