Updated 10/20/2016

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  • Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

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    IndustryBusiness Services
    Year Established1959
    Number of Employees This is a rough number of workers in Greater Houston. Company may have more employees in other locations.    500+ in Greater Houston
    Largest Houston Location       General neighborhood where most employees work. Downtown
    Dress Code Can be Casual (jeans, etc.), Business Casual (slacks, collared shirt), or Professional (shirt, tie, equivalent). Business Casual
    Work Schedule Culturally, most employees work 40 hours per week, sometimes slightly more, a lot more, or less. Always varies by position. 40 hours per week
    Free ParkingYes
    As a member of the Universal team, you will have the opportunity to make a difference. Each and every day, you will help clients achieve successful missions. Missions that drive worldwide commerce, provide aid for humanitarian efforts, facilitate government and military operations, and connect people to the places and loved ones they value most.

    Because these trips are so important to all involved, we are committed to recruiting and retaining talented individuals with innovative minds and collaborative spirits. We understand that our people are our greatest asset, and the success of Universal is directly tied to the success of our valued team members.
    Each and every day, our more than 1,700 employees prove they are our greatest asset at Universal.

    The culture at Universal is driven by our collective Core Values. Built on a foundation of teamwork, stellar customer service, integrity, and an entrepreneurial spirit we respect each other, we have fun, and we work as a team towards a shared purpose.

    At Universal, you will be inspired and challenged to think differently. Your role will directly contribute to the overall objectives of the organization. And you will feel appreciated. Its our ongoing objective to make this the best team youve ever been a part of.
    Universal participates in many activites for employees such as an annual picnic, crawfish boil, and chili cook off! Holidays big and small are celebrated by Universal!
    • Entry-Mid Level Positions
    • Hired in the past year 21 or more
    • Titles of positions:
        • Associate Trip Owner
        • Associate Regulatory Specialist
        • Associate Client Relations Specialist
        • Data Management Specialist
        • Fuel Sales Coordinator
        • Service Support Specialist
        • Administrative Assistant
    • Paid Internships
    • Paid Internships this past year 1-4
    • Titles of positions:
        • IT
        • Operations
        • HR
    • Typical First Year Time Off
    • Holidays Most employers offer paid days off for holidays.      7 days
    • Medical Benefits Fully paid means options exist that require no contribution from your paycheck.      
    • Health First Year Yes - Partially Paid
    • Benefits Waiting Period 0-31 Days
    • Waiting Period for Health Benefits: 1st of the month following 30 days of employment
    • Financial
    • 401(k) A type of optional savings account primarily meant for retirement. Money is deducted from paycheck. Matching means that employer matches contributions you make yourself. This is free money!      Yes with matching
    • The discretionary company match on the 401(k) contributions will be 100% of the first 6% of participant contributions up to the contribution maximum for the 2012 plan year. Discretionary fiscal bonus: Yes